Need Excel Advice?

Need Some Excel Advice?

Our team of Excel Advisers can offer their advice on all aspects of Excel and whether it is right for you. We can offer advise on all the features of Excel and also VBA / Macro Programming.

So is Excel the right application for your task? A lot of the time when we receive a call and discuss a client’s requirements, our advice is that Excel is often NOT the right tool for the job.

Why? We often see many of our clients using a Excel where a database is required, so how do you determine if a database is preferable over a spreadsheet? Here is our Advice based on Access v’s Excel as we can provide advice and solutions in both domains.

Excel Advice

Excel Advice: Good for data analysis, calculations and statistical comparisons, data manipulation, conditional formatting and charting.

Access Advice: Data management, data structuring and querying, multiple user management and data reporting.

Our advice could prevent you from going down the wrong path. All because Excel’s basics are easy to use and most of your staff know how to use it, doesn’t mean that you should always use it. The diverse knowledge in our company and solutions that we provide will allow us to point you in the right direction.

Our Services

  • Advice on the right Microsoft solution for you.
  • Excel Design and programming.
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Design.
  • Development of Macro / VBA for Word, PowerPoint and Access.
  • Microsoft Access database development and programming.
  • Cloud enabling Access and Office using Microsoft Azure.
  • Applications development using Microsoft Visual Studio (VSTO,, and
  • SQL Server DBA and Development services.
  • Office 365 and SharePoint development and programming.
  • Web based database solutions using and Azure.

If you would like advice on Excel and the right path for your company, then call 1300 10 28 10 to chat to one of our advisers.

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Excel is a really important tool that simplifies and assists various business functions. At Excel Experts, we can go to great lengths to help you make the most of this wonder tool. We are enthusiastic about giving you full Excel support and providing you with really beneficial Excel advice regarding anything about the software.