Having trouble sorting out a formula or do you need a custom formula developed to extend Excel’s functionality?

Sometimes getting a formula to work properly or even understanding what may be required can be a difficult task. Some requirements may be complex enough that a custom formula may be the best solution.

If you need help with formulas or custom formulas, or if you are not sure how to tackle an issue, our team of experts can help.

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Excel Formulas

Formula intensive workbooks often lead to high maintenance and inaccurate results over their lifetime. In fact, workbooks that use formulas intensively can result in poor performance, and cause crashes and data corruption, so it matters that formulas are set up correctly and not overused. Often a few cleverly written custom formulas or macros can lead to a more manageable and workable workbook, saving you time, money and a few headaches over the long term.

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Excel Custom Formulas

Often people aren’t aware in Excel that custom formulas can be coded as functions in VBA. Those custom formulas can then be made available through the formula bar for users to utilise whenever they need them.

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